Bordes Events, LLC

I have worked in Travel and Events for over 25 years. Many people ask me what I do and the simple way to describe it is that I work with any company that has events. Some of my qualifications are:

  • Virtual Events: I am versed in webex, Goto meeting/webinar, Zoom, Google Meet. I can help you set up and promote your event and make sure it runs smoothly throughout.
  • Travel: Helping with local DMC's to coordinate people movements to and from airports to accomodations, between accommodating property and offsite events, Assisting planes with taxi and parking (at Burning Man), setting up remote testing facilities in various destinations in Alaska (Ketchikan, Wrangell, St Petersberg and Juneau) and numerous other travel services. I was a travel agent for 10 years and know the business of getting people to and from destinations
  • Hospitality and Registration: I greet your guests with a smile and make sure they have a wonderful experience from start to finish. No request is too big or too small. There can be no greater discouragement than having an "off day" because of travel plans, traffic and stress, only to arrive at your event to an uncaring/unsympathetic individual. I am the change that I wish to see in the world. I care and it shows in all I do.
  • Meetings: Whether you are organizing a small board meeting, or a corporate getaway to the rockies or some remote part of the world, I can help. I have worked on meetings teams as small as 20 and as large as 3000 people. Details matter and I care.
  • Shipping and Logistics: I have worked in the incentive and meetings space and am able to create detailed grids for meeting materials delivery, room drops and gift deliveries. I am also very experienced in shipping and logistics abroad as well as overseas. I enjoy creating clean shipping manifests and dotting all "i's" and crossing all "t's"

My experience has led me to many destinations around the globe to work events. I have worked in Sweden, Spain, France, Italy, Australia, Bali, India and most of the 50 states.

No matter what your event or travel needs may be, I can help. That has been my motto for my entire 25 years. Some of the companies I have worked for include but not limited to: