Travel Staff/Trip Directors

I said the same thing just 5 years ago.  I am tired of working with people who don't love to have fun but work hard when they need to. I desire to build a staffing service that is better than the others. I desire people of passion who "ask forgiveness, not permission" and love to get things done. 

I am looking to build a network of Travel staff that surpasses industry expectations but smiles and laughs in the process. I believe that when you love what you do and who you do it with, it shows. The clients are happier and want to work with you more often. I want people who turn bad days into bad moments or bad seconds. They are willing to accept their limits and know that life isn't always perfect.

Five key elements






We know since covid, that the industry has changed, but our ideals haven't. We want the best and want to work with the best. If you are serious about changing your career and finding clients that want  need you and know that you will always give 110%, then you should request to become and "Unforgetable Travel Staff" 

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Association of Professional Travel Directors